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Noel of the Children of Mary - St. Louis de Montfort

The following is a Christmas hymn written by Saint Louis de Montfort.

Noel of the Children of Mary

1. Dear children of Mary,

Praise the Lord

For He has filled her

With grace and gentleness.

She just gave birth to this adorable Lord,

Let’s all go to congratulate her,

Let’s humbly go to visit

This admirable Mother.

2. O marvelous Virgin,

O wondrous prodigy,

O blessed Mother,

Your happiness is great;

Ours is also, you give us life

Since you break our bonds,

You shower us with a thousand blessings,

May you be praised!

3. Finally the prophecies

Of the Old Testament

Have been accomplished

In your giving birth.

Heaven receives through you a new glory,

You crush the head of the devil,

And you obtain forgiveness

For the faithless sinner.

4. Offering no resistance,

You have achieved by your consent

What the whole world

So ardently desired.

May we glorify, honor and praise your faith!

The Savior came to us

Only because you believed

The word of an angel.

5. How charming you are

In your purity!

How powerful you are

In your humility!

You ravished God, you drew Him from heaven.

Attracted by your beauty,

He took on our humanity,

He could not resist you.

6. Through you, powerful Queen,

God comes to our world

And human nature

Is raised to heaven.

O astounding miracle! God becomes our brother,

You form your Creator,

You give birth to your Savior

And your own Father.

7. This supreme monarch

Shows that He is truly great

By making you

His excellent masterpiece.

Everything in you is mystery, an enormous mystery:

You give birth painlessly,

You beget with the honor

Of remaining virgin and mother.

8. Jesus loves the stable

But above all, your heart,

It is His pleasant bed,

It is His palace of honor.

Your womb is His most glorious throne;

It is there that He makes his greatness known,

It is there that He forgives sinners,

It is there that He distributes alms!

9. O the sweet tenderness,

O the tender smiles,

O the holy caresses

Your dear Son gives you!

Blessed is your womb, pure and faithful Virgin,

For having contained immensity,

For having nourished, for having borne

Eternal Wisdom!


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