Visit of Our Mother of Compassion and Love - May 15, 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

Visit of Our Mother of Compassion and Love May 15, 2020

Janie: Our Lady came. She was very happy! So sweet, her smile, and she said (the following).

Our Lady: O my little children, how much joy you have brought to your heavenly Mother by coming together at my request. My little ones, you could never understand how much I love you, and how I am with you. I know, my little ones, that you are undergoing many trials, and that it is difficult for you; but understand that these are difficult times, and much prayer is needed. So, I am asking you, my little ones, to have confidence in the prayers to your heavenly Mother, for I am with you in everything. Oh, if you only knew how I am with you!

I invite you in this time of great suffering to be my ambassadors, to be my little army and walk with your Mother, praying the Rosary for everything that is happening in the world. I ask you to walk with your heavenly Mother and know that there will be victory. Share your Rosaries with people. Talk to them about the importance and the power of the Rosary and invite them to begin to pray their Rosary every day.

Today, I ask you, my angel, to start that army of praying the Rosary with your heavenly Mother for all that is happening throughout the world. Speak to people about the power of the Rosary. Those who do not know how to pray it, teach them to pray it if their hearts are open to it. If not, move on to other people. Do not be still. This is an army, and you must walk with your heavenly Mother all over the world with your prayers, praying the Rosary. The Rosary is your weapon.

Do not forget to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and to attend Holy Mass. The Holy Mass is the most powerful prayer there is; it is a healing prayer. Though there may be times when you cannot attend Holy Mass – this is why you must PRAY your Rosary.

I want you, my little ones, to be my ambassadors. Would you do that for your heavenly Mother? Would you be my little army of a Rosary Crusade and go out with your heavenly Mother? The Evil One, my Adversary, will tell you that this is not true, for he knows the power of the Rosary, and he will try, in every way possible, to keep you from saying ‘yes’ to your heavenly Mother. This is what I want from you, but remember, my little ones, that it is an invitation, a serious invitation.

Pray for one another. Remain close to one another, because you belong to me. You have given yourself to me, and I am here to take care of you. I am here to help you to convert your family through your prayers. Do not be distracted with what happens within your family that causes so much pain. Do not be paralyzed by their sinfulness, rather, move with great faith by praying your Rosary with your heavenly Mother.

I love you, my little ones; I love you. I give you a spiritual Rosary, now, to each one of you. Go out and proclaim the power of the Rosary. Teach others to pray it, and together we will have victory; we will have victory! I want the Rosary to be prayed every day. Begin in your homes, invite your family. If they do not want to, then invite others, pray with others but do not stop praying the Rosary. I love you; I love you and you are mine, and I am yours.