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Fr. Rodrigue's Home Bishop Also Disavows His Messages & Prophecies

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Hearst, September 9, 2020

Subject: Messages and prophecies of Father Michel Rodrigue

Brothers and sisters,

For a few months now we have been hearing about Father Michel Rodrigue, a priest who worked in our parishes from 1989-1996. Father Michel Rodrigue then left the diocese and moved to Montreal to join the Sulpicians. Therefore, we had no news of him for many years.

Although he is still incardinated in our diocese, he has worked in the diocese of Amos since 2011. In addition to having been parish priest, he also organized retreated and other activities in the Amos Diocese and elsewhere. He even introduces himself as "the apostle of the last days" and "an official exorcist of the Church." His presentations may be found on various websites. Father Rodrigue even declared that his messages and prophecies were supported by Bishop Lemay, the Bishop of Amos, who strongly denied any such support.

In union with Bishop Lemay, I express total disavowal of the messages and prophecies presented by Father Michel Rodrigue. I also refute his claim to be "an official exorcist of the Church".

Father Rodrigue currently has no pastoral charge or function in the Diocese of Amos nor in our diocese. He still resides in the Diocese of Amos.

I pray for all the faithful who may have experienced moments of anguish in the face of Father Rodrigue's words and presentations.

In Christ,

+Robert Bourgon

Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee


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1 Comment

Charles Ikpoh
Charles Ikpoh
Sep 22, 2020

This forum is supposed to be for Our Lady Of All Nations. Why bring in condemnation of Fr. Michel on this platform .

What an irony ! Not long ago, Mark Miravalle attacked Countdown To The Kingdom and criticized Fr. Michel without consulting them . Being a reputable theologian does not mean he is God. No one knows it all . He should have been more charitable by consulting them before jumping on social media.

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