Saint Melito of Sardis - Mary the Fair Ewe

Updated: May 30, 2020

He it is, who came from heaven to earth

for the sake of suffering man;

he clothed himself in man’s flesh

in the womb of a Virgin from whom he came forth as man

and took upon himself the sufferings of him who suffered,

by means of a body capable of suffering,

and destroyed the sufferings of the flesh

and slew death-dealing death

by his spirit which cannot die….

It is he who became incarnate in a Virgin,

who was hung upon the wood,

who was buried in the earth,

who was raised from among the dead,

who was lifted up to the heights of heaven.

He is the mute lamb,

he is the slain lamb,

he is born of Mary, the fair ewe,

he is taken from the flock

and delivered over to immolation

and slain in the evening

and buried in the night;

who was broken on the wood,

was not corrupted in the earth,

he rose from the dead,

and raised man from the depths of the tomb….

He it is who made heaven and earth,

who formed man in the beginning,

who was announced by the law and the prophets,