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The Blessed Mary’s Land

Updated: May 30, 2020

The following beautiful words on Our Lady are excerpted from Henry Wordsworth Longfellow’s work Christus: A Mystery. – Ed.

This is indeed the blessed Mary’s land,

Virgin and mother of our dear redeemer!

All hearts are touched and softened at her name,

Alike the bandit, with the bloody hand,

The priest, the prince, the scholar, and the peasant,

The man of deeds, the visionary dreamer,

Pay homage to her as one ever present!

And even as children, who have much offended

A too indulgent father, in great shame,

Penitent, and yet not daring unattended

To go into his presence, at the gate

Speak with their sister, and confiding wait

Till she goes in before and intercedes;

So men, repenting of their evil deeds,

And yet not venturing rashly to draw near

With their requests an angry father’s ear,

Offer to her their prayers and their confession,

And she for them in heaven makes intercession.

And if our faith had given us nothing more

Than this example of all womanhood,

So mild, so merciful, so strong, so good,

So patient, peaceful, loyal, loving, pure,

This were enough to prove it higher and truer

Than all the creeds the world had known before.

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